Mist Line

Mist Line Systems are custom-made to include as little or as many nozzles depending on the area to be covered.

A mist line is made up of ‘pipes’ in which the nozzles are fitted in. Thus, this product offers passive cooling area designed to create a curtain of cool air around a specific area. The idea is to cover the perimeter of the intended cooling area with Mist Lines. Cooling will occur as a result of flash evaporation.

The ‘curtain’ also acts as a barrier to prevent heat from entering whilst maintaining the cool air within the encircled area. This improves the effect of air-conditioning especially at the top floors, if used on terraces and balconies.

Key Features:

  • Overhead tubes to be installed 8-10 ft. above ground level
  • The diameter of a mist tube is the same as any writing pen
  • Unobtrusive and discrete lines
  • Lightweight and easy to clamp on wall surfaces
  • Available in rigid and flexible high pressure, anti burst piping

Mist lines are easier to camouflage as compared to fans. Highly recommended for special effects, ambience creation, and landscape enhancement.

Mist Coolers

Our misting coolers have an edge against the traditional coolers in terms of strength, aesthetics, portability, and also functionality. The traditional coolers use ‘Khas’ as a filter, while the Magic Coolers use replaceable evaporative pads. Furthermore, these operate on 100% fresh air with no re-circulation.
These are best applicable in ventilated open areas such as workshops, large banquets, hospitals, warehouses, etc.


  • Less than half the price of an air conditioner
  • Energy saving, green product
  • Vent Cooling
  • Wheels with locks for portability and safety
  • Manual or automatic water inlet
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